Prayer Changes Things

Sermons July 2017

Who Are You?
07-09-17 Minister Arthur Ray Butler
Theme Speaker: Dilema
Minister Butler's first public sermon as a minister
MAB 07-09-17 Who Are You?

Our Purpose And Power
07-09-16 Mother Greta Moss
MGM 07-09-17 Our Purpose And Power

Be Willing To Wait
07-16-17 Pastor Samuel Butler
PSB 07-16-17 Be Willing To Wait

Walk In Unity
07-23-17 Minister David Diouf
MDD 07-23-17 Walk In Unity

Lord Save Me!
07-29-17 Pastor Samuel Butler
PSB 07-29-17 Lord Save Me

About Angels
07-30-17 Pastor Samuel Butler
PSB 07-30-17 About Angels