Prayer Changes Things

Sermons July 2016

Courage To Fight
07-01-16 Pastor William Carlisle
PWC 07-01-16 Courage To Fight

Love, Obedience And Unity
07-08-16 Pastor Samuel Butler
PSB 07-08-16 Love, Obedience And Unity

Let's Paint The Town Red
07-10-16 Minister David Diouf
MDD 07-10-16 Let's Paint The Town Red

Stand In The Gap
07-10-16 Pastor William Carlisle
PWC 07-10-16 Stand In The Gap

The Real In Crowd
07-15-16 Pastor William Carlisle
PWC 07-15-16 The Real In Crowd

Be It Unto Me As Thou Wilt
07-17-16 Mother Greta Moss
MGM 07-17-16 Be It Unto Me As Thou Wilt

Ambassadors For Christ
07-22-16 Pastor Samuel Butler
PSB 07-22-16 Ambassadors For Christ

The Power Of Prayer
07-23-16 Pastor Samuel Butler
PSB 07-23-16 The Power Of Prayer

Hold On, But Let Go
07-24-16 Minister David Diouf
MDD 07-24-16 Hold On, But Let Go

We Walk By Faith
07-29-16 Pastor Samuel Butler
PSB 07-29-16 We Walk By Faith